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Started Using Ubuntu 15.04 As My Primary OS From Today

Posted by Sandip Bhagat on June 11, 2015

I have been using Ubuntu since it was 10.04 for learning purpose and test driving the new features. I have tried many times to use Ubuntu as my primary OS however, the habit of using Windows won’t let me to do so. But starting from today, I have decided to use Ubuntu as my primary OS. Though, I would be keeping Windows 7 and dual booting my computer but I will be convincing myself to use Ubuntu for all the tasks so that I could change my habit and feel at home and love with my Ubuntu 15.04.

Some of the reasons for motivating myself to use Ubuntu 15.04 are listed below:

  1. Very first, it is free.
  2. It comes with LibreOffice pre-installed.
  3. Works on low hardware configuration.
  4. Free from virus.
  5. Most productivity tools are installed by default.
  6. Get latest updates without waiting for years.
  7. Free from pirated softwares.
  8. Install software without bothering searching the web for new softwares.
  9. Upgrades are installed automatically.
  10. Full control over OS.