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JavaFX App To Apply Nepal Flag Color On Your Profile Picture

Posted by Sandip Bhagat on September 25, 2015

Few days back I was going through my Facebook news feed and suddenly my eyes strike on one of the post of my friend. He had just changed his profile picture. One thing I saw different in his profile picture was that the color of our national flag was overlapped on the picture with transparency. The profile picture looked good. 😛 😛 and then I went through the comments of that post and there I saw him mentioning that if there could be any app to make the task of applying flag color on profile picture with ease. As I am learning Java, I thought to make the app. This way I could practice my Java skill as well and then started developing the app. Finally today I have completed developing the app.

This is a desktop app. You can run this app in any platform: Windows, Linux or Mac. Note: You must have Java JRE plugin installed to run this app. Your suggestions are always welcome.

The project is available on GitHub at https://github.com/sandipbgt/nepal-flag-color-embedder

Some screenshots and screencast is given below: Initial screen

Effect applied