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How To Receive Daily Horoscope On Your Mobile For Free Using Zapier, Twilio and Astrosage

Posted by Sandip Bhagat on December 16, 2015

Have you ever wondered of receiving daily horoscope on your mobile for free? If yes, then follow this simple guide to setup your mobile to receive daily horoscope.

We will be using Zapier to automate the task, Twilio to send free SMS and Astrosage API for horsocope api.

So, let’s get started.

Setting up Twilio

Step 1

  • After the modal window appears, click on Choose this Number and copy this phone number as we will need this later.

Step 2

Step 3

Setting up Zapier

Step 4

  • Click on Choose a Trigger app and select Schedule by Zapier from the list.
  • Click on Choose a Trigger and select Every Day from the list.
  • Click on Choose an Action app and select Webhooks by Zapier from the list.
  • Click on Choose a Action and select POST from the list.

Step 5

  • Click on Continue button until you reach Step 4 Filter Schedule By trigger sreen.
  • In Time of Day select the time you want to receive daily horoscope and click on Continue button.
  • In Match up Schedule by Zapier Day to Webhooks by Zapier POST screen, enter https://astrosage-api.herokuapp.com/api/horoscope/{your-horoscope}/daily in URL field replacing your-horoscope with your own horoscope.
  • Select json in Payload Type.
  • In Data screen, click on plus button three times to add three more text boxes.
  • Enter the details as shown in the screenshot below replacing auth_token with your Twilio Auth Token, account_sid with your Twilio Account SID, to_phone with phone number to which you want to receive horoscope and from_phone with the phone number you got from Twilio.

Step 6

  • Click on Continue button to go Test this ZAP screen.
  • Click on Test Schedule by Zapier trigger to check the trigger and click on Continue button.
  • in Name and turn this Zap on screen, enter the name for your zap and click on Turn Zap on button to turn on your zap.

Congratulation, you have successfully setup your phone numer to receive daily horoscope for free everyday.

If you find it complex to setup, you can order my Fiverr Gig and I would set it up for you or you can also contact me via email.