Welcome to twipodcast

twipodcast is a web app that allows you to listen podcast or any mp3 media file on your phone for free without internet.

The webapp is live at http://sandipbgt.github.io/twipodcast

The api is live at https://twipodcast.herokuapp.com

The api is written in Flask framework, frontend app is written in AngularJS framework and Twilio calls api is used for phone calls.

The source code for api server and frontend app is open source and available on github.

If you have got 1 minute time, then say hi to me at my email: sandipbgt@gmail.com. I would be happy to have friendship with you.

If you have got 5 minute time, then you can give feedback or suggestions at sandipbgt@gmail.com or you can also use the feedback page at http://sandipbgt.github.io/twipodcast


The project is hosted on GitHub and pull requests are welcome!